Shadow of the Fall book cover

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The Kristin Hughes Series


Type All Kristin Hughes wanted was a vacation on a beach somewhere quiet, a little bit of sun, the sand, and that salt spray from the waves. Sadly, that just isn’t the way her life works. In a world filled with spies, threats to national security, and impending doom, her life is lived at full-speed. So getting drug back to work by her CIA counterpart, the beautiful, yet problematic, nuclear scientist instantly finds herself and her Nuclear Emergency Search Team on a cross-country quest to locate and disable a pair of terrorist bombs.
The breadbasket of America has become ground zero for a sinister plot to destroy the nation. European arms dealer, Adrian Beqiri has been out buying old Soviet nuclear weapons for a shadowy figure. Now, that shadowy figure has sent the weaponized nukes hurtling toward the city of Chicago.
Getting some help from her friends in the FBI and the CIA, Doctor Hughes is on an all-out hunt to track down the nukes and keep them from destroying both the heartland and the impending G8 Summit. Can the NEST team keep the United States and its visiting world leaders from nuclear destruction or will the terrorists succeed in the fall of a nation? For Kristin Hughes, there is only one outcome that counts.

Shadow Of The Fall was honored as the Fiction Category Winner and GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2019 Paris Book Festival. 

Fiction Category Winner of the 2019 Florida Book Festival.

Honorable Mention in the Fiction Category of the 2019 London Book Festival.