Meet Aaron

Author Aaron Brownell

When this whole craziness started, I had no conscious intention of becoming an internationally award-winning author. I just wanted to write a book. I don’t mean publish a book or build a series just write a complete and good story about something.
                That was then. Now with some success and positive reinforcement writing has become a necessary and vital piece of my life. The creation and crafting of stories allows me to express ideas and make sense of the world around me. And, they provide great emotional satisfaction.
                My writing resume went something like: wrote some bad short stories in school, and loads of technical documents for work. I was well-versed in the technical side of writing; writing work plans, technical reports, closure documents, and the like.
                With this foundation, I moved on to science fiction. It was, well, not so good. I tried several stories, but nothing caught fire. In typical writer’s fashion I decided to switch to something else. I used what Joss Whedon, Bram Stoker, and Steven King had taught me about vampires, and crafted the world of Sara Anne Grey.

                Okay you’re thinking, that’s all well and good, but vampire books? Wasn’t there a better option out there? I mean, cookbooks and coffee table picture books always do well? The truth was, the vampire books taught me how to develop complex characters and create settings. Once thought out, they just about wrote themselves where the science fiction did not.
                With physical proof that it could be done in my hands there was no going back. The Sara Grey series allowed me to develop my writing style. After which, I was able to reach out into other genres. I’ve now also written adventure stories, and science fiction stories. Most recently, I’ve moved on to mystery/thriller genre, which produced the jet-setting, shadowy world of Doctor Kristin Hughes lead nuclear bomb technician for the DOE NEST teams.
                Her world is large and richly layered, something that I took away from seven years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The second and third installments of Kristin’s story are currently in motion. This series will no-doubt take me to new places, both emotionally as an internal journey, and externally about the planet.
                I’m supremely grateful that writing has slowly become an ingrained part of who I am as a person. Every time I sit down to write, the process teaches me as much about me as it does produce great stories for others to enjoy. The goal now is to simply continue crafting great stories.