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After winning the Grand Prize at the 2014 London Book Festival, Progression became a member of the Table of Honor. You can learn more at:


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With only a couple of copies out the door, SHADOW OF THE FALL managed to make it halfway around the globe. I had the privilege of signing it for a friend, while I was in Kuwait.  

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Aaron also writes a travel blog.


Kristin Hughes Is Back In Action For 2020!

Kristin Hughes will return this year in her next great adventure. THE SONS OF SAVA is a page-turning thrill ride that follows NEST's top field asset across Germany and Belgium in the hunt for a mysterious group of Bosnian terrorists and a stolen nuclear bomb. Escorted by a shadowy German commando and her CIA assassin bodyguard, Robert Dunn, America's top bomb technician must use all of her wits to get a step ahead of the terrorists before something cataclysmic happens in The Hague.


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