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With only a couple of copies out the door, SHADOW OF THE FALL has already made it halfway around the globe. This is the first copy of the novel to make it to the Middle East. I had the privilege of signing it for a friend, while I was in Kuwait.  

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Doctor Kristin Hughes, NEST’s top field agent, is on the move. With a mysterious terrorist smuggling nuclear weapons into America’s heartland, there is no time to waste for the beautiful, yet problematic, nuclear scientist. Getting some help from her friends in the CIA and FBI, Doctor Hughes is on an all-out hunt to track down the nukes and keep them from destroying both the breadbasket of America and the impending G8 Summit. Can the NEST team keep the United States from nuclear destruction or will the terrorists succeed in the fall of the nation? For Kristin Hughes, there is only one outcome that counts.

SHADOW OF THE FALL, A Novel by Aaron T Brownell.
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After winning the Grand Prize at the 2014 London Book Festival, Progression became a member of the Table of Honor. You can learn more at:

Aaron also writes a travel blog.